Excerpt from Warlock, Chapter 40


I was looking through my reading copy of Warlock, when I came across a note I had left for myself a few years back. Basically, it identified a two and a half page section, that at the time, I considering using as a writing example for my Wizard’s Blog. It is supposed to demonstrate how to combine action with a …

One Month In Paradise

David and Edna

A few months ago I travelled to the Philippines in order to finally meet my fiancée in person. Covid-19 restrictions had kept us apart for nearly two years, so I booked my flight within a week of learning that foreign tourists would once again be allowed into the country. We spent a month together in Caloocan City, which is in …

The Philippines

I will be heading for the Philippines next week. This will be my first trip across the Pacific, and upon my return I shall post an account of my travels. I will most likely continue working on Book #6 while away, so it might be interesting to see how my personal adventures influence the story.