The New FireDrakes Cover

FireDrakes fourth printing

The third printing of FireDrakes was completely sold out by mid September 2022. I was leaving in October, however, to spend the winter in the Philippines, so I decided to hold off on ordering a new print run. My trip was an opportunity to make a change that had been on my mind for quite some time. In 2015 the …


Excerpt from Warlock, Chapter 40


I was looking through my reading copy of Warlock, when I came across a note I had left for myself a few years back. Basically, it identified a two and a half page section, that at the time, I considering using as a writing example for my Wizard’s Blog. It is supposed to demonstrate how to combine action with a …

One Month In Paradise

David and Edna

A few months ago I travelled to the Philippines in order to finally meet my fiancée in person. Covid-19 restrictions had kept us apart for nearly two years, so I booked my flight within a week of learning that foreign tourists would once again be allowed into the country. We spent a month together in Caloocan City, which is in …

The Philippines

I will be heading for the Philippines next week. This will be my first trip across the Pacific, and upon my return I shall post an account of my travels. I will most likely continue working on Book #6 while away, so it might be interesting to see how my personal adventures influence the story.

Elves and Dragons

Jim Pattisan Centre For Excellence

In the summer of 2015, I was invited to share some of what I had learned about writing with the eight to seventeen year old students during the annual Youth Write Camp. The event took place in the new Jim Pattisan Centre For Excellence at the Okanagan College Campus in Penticton. For my part, during the five days of sessions, …

Nomed’s Button – Story & Script


A few weeks ago someone asked me about writing scripts, so I agreed to post my only attempt at script writing. Nine years ago, I was asked to supply an amateur animator with a script. I wanted to start with something simple, so I selected an unpublished 2500 word story that I had written a few years earlier. I spent …

The Magic of Mars

Honourable Mention

Entering short story writing contests is a great way for fiction writers to get started. As well as being the first short story I actually ever completed, The Magic of Mars is also my only Science Fiction piece. I wrote this just before I got started on FireDrakes and eventually submitted it to the Hidden Talents Short Story Contest. To …


Daniel’s Demon

Honorable Mention L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future

Around the time my first book was being published, near the end of 2007, I submitted one of my short stories to L. Ron Hubbard’s Writer’s Of The Future Contest. My story was not selected for publication, but in 2008 I did receive an Honourable Mention certificate in the mail. It was immediately framed and has been hanging in my …


Corona Masks For Fun And profit

Dragon Mask

When all you have is lemons, then make lemon aid. Wearing a mask right now makes a lot of sense, and I am relatively sure it will soon be a requirement almost everywhere. With that in mind, I drove to Canadian Tire and bought a pair of masks for $16. When I got home and looked at my blank mask …


Publishing a Book During a Pandemic

Knight drawing for Prophet

Nothing has been posted on this website in the past nine months, and for that I must apologize. Over the last eighteen months, and especially in the past six, the course of my life has drastically changed. That said, I will not bore you any further with all of my personal details, but instead discuss how my latest fantasy novel …

Penticton ARTS Market

Arts Market 2019 - Penticton Gallery

Announcing the new Saturday Morning Penticton ARTS Market Located in the Penticton Art Gallery’s parking lot, adjacent to the Ellis and Front Street roundabout at 199 Marina Way, this new Summer ARTS Market will operate in conjunction with the existing Farmers and Community Markets, from June 29 through August 31. This new market will showcase the work of local visual …

CatNap – First Person Short Story


It is December 21st and tomorrow begins a long-awaited two week holiday – somewhere warm. Just for fun, and with apologies to any offended cat owners, I am posting this –hopefully funny– story that was originally written for an under-1500-words short story contest. The title is Catnap and it is the only fiction piece I have every done in first …

Dealing With Rejection Letters

David Korinetz

That infamous rejection letter; the raw, caustic brutality of a few simple – often scribbled – words that can snuff the life right out of an otherwise promising writing career. Conversely those same words can steer a more determined author down the path to self-publishing, usually with little or no idea of what they are getting themselves into. Even one …

Selling Books Online In Canada

Red Tuque Books

It’s December 4th and in10 days the window for getting books to customers before Christmas closes completely. This is final stretch for this year’s prime time for online sales, which actually began a few weeks before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As founder, and the principle operator of Red Tuque Books, I have watched the company’s direct annual online sales …